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December 5, 2023

The value of KATA is visibility into execution, and we are proud to ship our biggest feature to date: Teams! We can’t wait to hear what you think about it.

As part of this release, we’ve launched Teams over on Product Hunt. If you can spare a minute, head over there to let us know what you think. All feedback, comments, support, and reshares are greatly appreciated.

🙌 Teams

KATA Teams are entirely flexible and can represent either your org chart, or the cross-functional groups who actually build software in many companies. Set up your first Team in five minutes and see everything that’s going on across all your tools in real-time.

Getting started is super easy, and doesn’t require your team members to do anything - though a ton of extra features get unlocked when they create their own KATA accounts.

After creating your Team you’ll see the Focus page: the second-screen for engineering managers. Whether you want an overview of what’s getting done, to dig deep into a particular piece of work, or for when you don’t need the details, but you do need to know the status of something right now, this is the place for you. KATA AI is always on hand generating personal daily summaries that pull signal from the noise of Jira, Linear, Github and Slack.

The Focus page was custom designed for running the best standups. No longer do people need to remember what they were working on yesterday. All the important details and specific change requests are a click away. Everything is pulled up and summarized for you, across every tool you use. If you want to go deep into a pull request it’s right there; if you want to discuss something after the meeting, you can easily assign Action Items so nothing gets lost.

The Teams Overview page is a powerful tool for talking about your Team and their work to the company. Think of it as a Wiki that never needs updating: it shows who your people are, what they’re working on and where to find them. The Overview page’s Demo feed is integrated with Loom so your team can easily record and show off their work.